A student’s academic success is directly related to regular, daily attendance. Students who attend school every day receive opportunities for important contact with their teachers, and establish a record of responsibility and dependability for themselves. 

Minnesota state law (MN 120A.22; 120A.34) states the parents of every child between the ages of seven and 17 are responsible for assuring their child receives instruction with the primary purpose of that instruction being that the child acquires the knowledge and skills essential for effective citizenship.

Students or parents are to contact the school prior to, or the day of, all planned absences and provide a reason for the student’s absence.  Absences which are not reported to the school with the required documentation when the student returns to school will be considered Unexcused.  Refer to DLHS Student Handbook for attendance details.  Please contact E-Laker Online at 218-844-4761, email a specific teacher if it is a class missed, or email to communicate absences. 

E-Laker Online High School attendance procedures are guided by a number of values. Flexibility paired with accountability are what makes E-Laker Online unique.  In some instances, these values may compete with each other. E-Laker Online attendance procedures attempt to balance these values in the best interests of our students.



Communication is fundamental to any online school. Attendance will be taken daily.  Attendance means:

  • Communication with each teacher, each day, at any time of day.  This is the flexibility allowed by online programming
  • Daily attendance will be determined by this student driven responsibility



 The flexibility of online education MUST be paired with accountability.  Accountability will be measured by progress in coursework.  Accountability means:

  • Weekly progress identified by each teacher MUST be achieved as measured by APEX data.

    • Week One lack of progress - Principal contact with student and guardian
    • Week Two lack of progress - Meeting with Principal in person or Google Meet
      • Lack of progress is based on scheduled learning milestones established in classroom syllabi.
    • Week Three lack of progress - Meeting to discuss dropping/changing class or appropriateness of online programming and alternative options to support academic progress